Wynrita Golden Retrievers

Pauline and "Truman"

We are a small show kennel formerly based in Essex now based in suffolk. All our dogs are part of our family and live indoors with us. They have the true Golden Retriever temperament and are a delight to live with. Whether they are playing, sleeping or having a cuddle, they give us endless pleasure. Their health and welfare is paramount to us.

We are incredibly proud of our dogs, both at home and in the show ring. Truman is our first Show Champion and we are thrilled by that achievement.

We bought our first Golden Retriever (Raffles) in 1995 and he introduced us to the delights of being owned by this soft, biddable, loving and full of fun breed. From that moment on there could be no other breed for us. He helped us raise Tristan, Truman and Milo, so his memory lives on.

A great deal of thought and care go into our breeding plans. Our aim is to breed as closely as possible to the breed standard and produce beautiful, sound in mind and body puppies, who will make fabulous family pets.

We are happy for our puppies to come back to us for holidays and to have their first trims to keep them looking beautiful. We will also have well behaved Goldens (or other breeds) to stay for holidays. I will also trim your Golden for you.